What is Motability?

 Motability is a registered UK charity that helps disabled people become more mobile. They help you use the Higher Rate Mobility Component (HRMC) of your Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or War Pensionerís Mobility Supplement (WPMS) to lease or buy a car. Motability itself is independent, voluntary and non-profit-making. They take advantage of tax concessions to help provide you with affordable transport. Woodford Motors are accredited suppliers for Motability and have undergone regular checks since accreditation to ensure that the very high standards of Motability are met.

How the scheme works
There are various ways that you can become mobile with Motability and Woodford Motors help, either by using the Scheme to contract hire a new car, or use hire purchase to buy a new or quality used car. You do not have to be a driver to qualify. If you prefer, you can obtain a car as a passenger and nominate up to two other people as the drivers. Children from the age of five can qualify for cars as passengers, provided that they receive HRMC of DLA.

The Schemes
Motability offers three schemes to help you obtain a car, they are:

    • Three year contract hire for new vehicles

    • Four or five year hire purchase scheme for new vehicles

    • Two or three year hire purchase scheme for used cars

Contract Hire Scheme Summary

  1. You commit your payments of HRMC DLA or WPMs to MFL (Motability Finance Ltd) for three years.

  2. In some cases you pay a non-refundable advance payment

  3. You are allowed up to 12,000 miles each year without extra charge.

  4. Full breakdown assistance for the Motability Scheme Vehicle through RAC is included

  5. Comprehensive insurance cover for up to two nominated drivers is included.

  6. Driving is restricted to two nominated drivers.

  7. Adaptations must be removed at your expense at the end of the 3-year agreement.

  8. Generally you have no further expense other than the cost of fuel and oil and vehicle excise duty (car disc tax). (Providing that you keep to the agreement and are accident free)

  9. The vehicle remains the property of MFL. You do not own the vehicle at the end.

Hire Purchase Scheme Summary

  1. You must fully comprehensively insure the vehicle with a recognised insurer to cover your intended usage.

  2. You are responsible for the cost of fuel, oil, maintenance and repairs and any adaptations made to the vehicle.

  3. Full breakdown and recovery package is not included.

  4. There are no limits on vehicle mileage therefore no mileage charges to pay.

  5. You own the car at the end of the agreement or when you make an early settlement of monies due in accordance with the terms of the HP agreement.

Contact us for further details, or call Motability on 01279 635666.
You can also visit their web site - http://www.motability.co.uk

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